DENVER, Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The award winning manufacturer of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Products -- Honest Herbal™ -- is defending its right to describe its products as "Honest." On September 26, 2017, The Honest Company (THC) filed a trademark lawsuit claiming that Honest Herbal™ could not use the word "Honest" to describe its CBD Hemp products. Honest Herbal™ will defend its right, and the right of others, to fairly describe their products and services as honest.

Honest Herbal™ is owned and operated by Kristy Redmon, a pharmacist with 24 years of experience. In response to the emerging opioid epidemic in the United States, Kristy crafted a unique line of CBD compounds derived from industrial grade hemp, as governed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Honest Herbal™ does not work with medical or recreational cannabis. Rather, Kristy's line of CBD products is produced from CBD rich hemp extract in a regulated environment and designed to give physicians and patients an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

With no overlap in markets or products, THC's suit was a surprise. The suit was filed in response to news that Honest Herbal™ received two awards from DOPE Magazine for its innovative line of products. While THC has used the word "honest" in branding its unrelated products, thousands of companies in the US use the word "honest" to fairly describe their products and brand. Honest Herbal™ intends to defend its brand, and the company it has built for its customers. Honest Herbal™ also intends to defeat the notion that THC can extract the word "Honest" from the English language for its exclusive use.

Honest Herbal™ has launched a funding campaign, which can be accessed at All support is appreciated. In the meantime, the complaint appears to have been filed in advance of our first meeting. Honest Herbal™ will respond to the complaint in due course.

All inquiries may be directed to Aaron P. Bradford, BRADFORD, LTD, 2701 Lawrence Street, Suite 104, Denver, Colorado, 303.325.5467. SOURCE Honest Herbal Related Links