Help Us Save the Honest Herbal™ Name! 



Why We Need Your Help - We, Honest Herbal™, are being sued by Jessica Alba's The Honest Company for trademark infringement because we have used the word "honest" to fairly describe our hemp-derived CBD products. They claim we are purposely causing confusion between the two brands to gain sales. 

We need your help to fund our legal fees. We intend to prove that we have the right to fairly describe our company and our products using the word “honest” because it isn't owned by anyone or any company. 

Why It's Important to Defend our Brand

  • The word “honest” has been used for over a century by companies to describe their products.
  • The word "honest" is a descriptor and is not owned by anyone or any company.
  • Today, thousands of companies brand their company and products with the word “honest.”
  • The Trademark Office has permitted thousands of companies to register the word “honest” in their name to fairly describe their products or services.
  • We produce industrial hemp derived products exclusively, our customer base is different, our logos are different, and our website is different than Jessica Alba's, The Honest Company.
  • It's important to protect our intellectual property in order to help prevent large corporations from bullying both start-up companies and small businesses in emerging industries in the future.

About Honest Herbal™ 
Honest Herbal™ is a pharmacist owned and family run business that produces hemp derived CBD products sourced from their industrial hemp farm near Denver, Colorado.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in industrial hemp and shows promise in areas such as pain relief, epilepsy, anxiety, sleep, and other conditions.

Frustrated with the opioid crisis and flooded with questions about possible alternatives, founder and pharmacist, Kristy Redmon, left pharmacy practice after 20+ years to offer consumers a nutraceutical approach to self-care. 

Pharmacists are considered one of the most trusted professionals nationwide because of their honesty and integrity. For this reason, Kristy felt Honest Herbal™ was the perfect name for a pharmacist owned nutraceutical company. Honest Herbal's mission is to produce tested, consistent, and trustworthy CBD hemp products that are available to everyone.  

How it Works 
Honest Herbal™ is in full control of donations. The donations will be deposited into a company bank account and the legal team will be paid by the company from that account.

What Your Help Means to Us 
We are truly grateful for your support in helping us defend our company name and protect the brand that we have worked so tirelessly to build.  Thank you for your support! - Kristy Redmon

How to Reach Us 
Honest Herbal™
PO Box 207
Louviers, CO 80131

Legal Counsel 

Aaron Bradford, Esq.
2701 Lawrence Street, Suite 104
Denver, Colorado 80205